Wow… I have been reading PnR for almost a year now that I almost forgot stories like these still exist. For a moment, after reading this book I was speechless. I don’t know what to think. The book made me laugh, angry, cry, and fall in love. The story was so sweet and beautiful that it was a special book for me.

I loved Kylie. A woman forced by circumstances to embrace the world of stripping. She was a good woman; strong, determined, and with a big heart. She would do anything for her baby daughter… even do a job she hated. And there’s Evan. Evan was a rich businessman who saw Kylie in one of her strip shows. He got so intrigued with Kylie that he immediately requested for a private show.

The story was quite simple. A stripper meets a business man and they fall in love. The rich man’s family doesn’t like her so it’s an ‘us against the world’ type of drama. I loved how she and Evan met. It was very sexy and sensual.

I appreciated how the author dealt with different kinds of love here. Kylie loved her daughter so much that she would do anything for her daughter. She worked as a waitress and a stripper in order to make ends meet. Evan loved his parents that’s why he was such a perfect son. But his love for Kylie and his family’s rejection of her finally made him turn his back on them. And we have Sarah, Kylie’s best friend. She’s very loyal and can always be counted on especially thru tough times. I cried on the part where Kylie’s dad died and she was giving a eulogy. She talked about the lost time they could have spent together. It was such a bittersweet moment that i cried buckets.

I really hated Alexis. She was a b*tch and in the end she also showed herself as a whore. I also hated Evan’s dad, but it would be a spoiler if I post here the reason why. I liked and hated Brad. In his own way he really loved Kylie but drugs can ruin a man in a big way.

Technically there’s a minor problem with editing and some very much repeated lines. I disregarded it because I was more focused on the story. The romance was great and deep. The author actually played on different emotions throughout the book. The sex was also okay. It was hot and sizzling. And the conflict… Damn! I honestly think they could have avoided some misunderstandings here. But it was still alright and the author pulled it really well.

Overall, this is 4.5 stars for me.

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