Today in History 2

Today in History – September 20

2001– During a televised address to a joint session of the United States Congress, U.S. President George W. Bush declared (and coined the phrase) a ” war on terror” against Al-Qaeda and other global terrorist groups.
This action started as a result of the 9/11 bombing of the World Trade Center in New york. Many NATO and non-NATO countries participated in the conflict and became widespread across the different continents.
Civilian as well as military personnel that are held as prisoners or detainees by the U.S. in the War on Terrorism are neither considered suspected criminals, nor prisoner of war, but unlawful combatants, denied protection by the Geneva Conventions.



Today in History 1

September 20

1066– King Harald III of Norwayand Tostig Godwinson, his English ally, fought and defeated the Northern Earls Edwinand Morcarin the Battle of Fulfordnear York, England.
The Battle of Fulford took place at the place identified by Symeon of Durham as the village of Fulford near Yorkin England, on 20 September 1066, when King Harald III of Norway, also known as Harald Hardrada(“harðráði” in Old Norse, meaning “hard ruler”), and Tostig Godwinson, his English ally, fought and defeated the Northern Earls Edwinand Morcar. Tostig was Harold Godwinson’s banished brother. He had allied with King Harald of Norway and possibly Duke William of Normandy but history has left us no record of what role Tostig saw for himself if the invasions were successful. The battle was a decisive victory for the Viking army. The earls of York could have hid behind the walls of their city but instead they met the Viking army across a river. All day the English desperately tried to break the Viking shield wall but to no avail.
Tostig was opposed by Earl Morcar who had displaced him as Earl of Northumbria.